Val Senales - South Tyrol: Hiking & Culture

In Ötzi‘s land - Hiking and skiing resort in South Tyrol / Italy

Val Senales - Ötztal alps - South Tyrol - Italy: Hiking & Skiing
Val Senales - Ötztal alps - South Tyrol - Italy: Hiking & Skiing
We welcome you to one of the most fascinating valleys in the Alps! The discovery of Ötzi the Iceman proved that hunters and shepherds used to walk through this region over 5,300 years ago.
The Schnals valley is absolutely uncommon, as in few kilometres it shifts from 500 metres to 3,600 metres above sea level – from almost Mediterranean to high mountain. Let the fascinating combination of unpolluted nature, tradition and fun for all the family capture you!
Comic: Ötzi - The Iceman

Comic: Ötzi - The Iceman

We have come up with something very special on the occasion of the Ötzi25 anniversary. We have commissioned a graphic novel that tells the story of the life of Ötzi and his discovery.
Ötzi - The Iceman

Ötzi - The Iceman

The 19th September 2016 marks the 25th anniversary of the discovery of what must be the most famous mummy in the world by Erika and Helmut Simon on the Tisenjoch pass.

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