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Altitude Training in Senales in South Tyrol

Alpine and Nordic skiing

The Val Senales glacier offers from September ideal conditions for training groups and ski clubs.

Start training season on September 2nd, 2016

Alpine skiing

Due to the re-organization of the upper part of the glacier, ski clubs and training teams will find an around 1.5 times wider “Grawand” slope (ca.300m) with about 40 training courses in various lenghts and difficulty levels. The, in winter 2014-15 new introduced, reservation system still allows coordinated training activities.

Nordic skiing

Cross-country skiers and biathletes can look forward to an extended training route on the glacier. Depending on snow and weather conditions the slope will be 5-10 kilometers long. 

High-altitude training

Not only top-level Alpine and Nordic skiing champions take advantage of the high altitudes in the Senales Valley for their training. Also junior and other sports teams such as track and field, cycling and canoeing also train there all year round, at an altitude of over 2000 m, in preparation for their racing season.
Swimming teams from France, Croatia and Germany have already completed their training at the Maso Corto Olympic swimming pool. Even champions like Alexandra Wenk and Nikola Dimitrov of the Munich Olympic Centre have previously trained at the Senales Valley.

Val Senales Informations


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