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Food like Ötzi used to eat

Delicious, original, unusual recipes from 5300 years ago

A number of hotels, guest houses and restaurants throughout the Schnals valley have got together to produce menus of complete meals and snacks made from ingredients which the Man from the Ice himself would have eaten thousands of years ago. Researchers have proved that Ötzi and his companions ate a varied selection of different cereals including wheat, corn and barley as well as wild fruit, hazel nuts, berries, vegetables, salad, mushrooms, milk products and meat.
Learn how to make your own deliciously-perfumed bread from freshly-milled corn or see how to prepare a tempting salad from freshly-gathered herbs and lentils. Taste some warming soup made from nettles or mixed cereals, sample fried cereal patties, little barley dumplings or farmers' "Mus", a simple dish made with milk and flour and served with melted butter. See the different ways to cook lamb and game and help make hazelnut or strawberry cream or pear crumble to finish with!

And everything served on original Stone Age plates and dishes. Our menus use only the very freshest of natural, biologically-grown, local ingredients and really do taste like those which Ötzi and his friends used to eat!

The following members of the Tourist Association are taking part in the "Food Like Ötzi Used To Eat" programme:

Hotel Tonzhaus ****
family Götsch,
Madonna n. 27, I-39020 Senales
Tel. 0473-669688- Fax.0473-660771 - e-mail:

Aktiv & Familienhotel Adlernest ***S
family Gamper
Madonna 26, I-39020 Val Senales
Tel. +39 0473 669652 - Fax +39 0473 669737 - e-mail:

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