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ArcheoParc Val Senales - Tracking Ötzis rail

The archeoParc in Val Senales is an interactive museum with adjacent archeological diggings. It is located at an altitude of 1,500 meters above sea-level, in the heart of an Alpine landscape in which the Iceman "Ötzi" once lived.

Permanent exhibition

South Tyrol's first hands-on archaeology museum is distinguished by its unconventional architecture. In terms of construction, form and material, the low-energy museum building is a homage to the Neolithic originals that archaeology has unearthed, and covers an imaginary vista sweeping through Tisental up to Tisenjoch. Depicted along the way are topics ranging from the oldest human traces in the alpine region to the Iceman and his lifestyle and economic adaptation. Life-size house models based on the archaeological evidence convey an idea of how our forebears lived.

Outdoor areas

Is one of the most impressive thing about the approach to the Iceman's habitat. Visitors can see the ridge of the Tisa where the mummy was found. We would like to invite you to come and explore Ötzis homeland! Reconstructions of the objects found together with the remains of the famous "ice mummy" and of typical living quarters, of that time will whisk you away to a village in the Late Neolithic Age. The small lake nearby the pottery section belongs to the fish who live in it and are now part of the team, therefore the nets are for exhibition only. The experimental fields show us Neolithic cereals, fruit, vegetables, poppies and linen; all extremely important plants for farmers of 6 and 5 thousand years ago.

Every day, you can choose from three "prehistoric" activities. Baking bread in the typical domed ovens of the Late Neolotihic, archery, making fire, smelting copper ore, working flint tools, etc. make for an unforgetabele experience for young and old alike.


ArcheoParc Val Senales

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