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Impressions from the holiday area Meraner Land and the Senales Valley

Sunny side of the Alps

The Senales Valley exhibits a variety of natural and cultural peculiarities.A multitude of facets and contrasts, tradition and innovation, impressive testimonials of handed-down traditions. From the vineyards at the southern valley entry to the sparkling ice on the glacier: each altitude level characterizes the landscape in its own and particular way. This is what turns the Senales Valley into one of the most varied and beautiful landscapes on the sunny side of the Alps.

Clima Val Senales - Schnals Valley

The Schnals valley lies to the south of the Alps and has an exceptionally mild climate for most of the year. Meran, just a thirty-minute drive from the valley, is a popular spa centre and is known all over the world as an island of Mediterranean charm in the very heart of the Alps.

The Schnals valley gets very little rainfall, something like 629 mm. The whole area is well-protected from rain by the high Saldur mountains and the Schnalser Kamm on the west and north-west which send the water-laden clouds elsewhere. The valley, with high mountains to the north, often has long, warm, sunny, summer days when there is fog and rain in North Tyrol and Switzerland while the effect of low pressure over the north of Italy brings rain-carrying east and south winds to the area.

Winter snow conditions in the valley can vary quite considerably but, as always, the old rule still applies - the higher you are, the better the snow - and this means that the ski runs on the Hochjoch Glacier at the end of the valley are in good condition all-year-round, perfect for both down-hill and cross-country skiing twelve months a year.

The Schnals valley has a generally mild climate and the difference between summer and winter temperatures is, therefore, relatively small. The average January temperature at the village of Unser Frau at 1,500 mt. is minus 2.7 degress C. while Munich, at a much lower altitude, for example, registers mid-January temperatures of minus 2.3 degrees C.. Mid-July temperatures at Unser Frau, on the other hand, usually waver around 13.5 degrees C. and it is never as hot in the valley in summer as in many nearby areas.

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