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Funivie Ghiacciai
Val Senales Spa
Associazione Turistica
Val Senales
Maso Corto 111 Certosa 42
39020 Senales - Italia 39020 Senales - Italia
Tel.  +39 0473 662171 Tel. +39 0473 679148
Fax: +39 0473 662117 Fax +39 0473 679177
E-Mail E-Mail
Registrazione: Registro commercio
Bolzano il 26.02.1973
Registrazione: Autonoma Provincia di Bolzano il 20.05.2001
P.Iva: IT 00164020216
P.Iva. IT 01367290218
Photos: SMG, MGM, Angelika Grüner, Claudio Fraschetti, Hubert Grüner, PhotoGrünerThomas, Franz Pixner, Ulli Pirpamer, Hans Luis Platzgummer, Otto Rainer, Peter Santer, Martin Spechtenhauser, Stefan Schütz, Manfred Waldner, Elke Wasmund, Evi Weithaler, Walter Zerpelloni, www.seilschaft.it

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Val Senales Informations


Phone +39 0473 679148
Fax +39 0473 679177

Ski Resort
Phone +39 0473 662171
Fax +39 0473 662117


A journey to Val Senales simple and comfortable

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