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Thematic pathways in Val Senales - South Tyrol

Archaeological Paths

Ötzi Hiking Tour Val Senales South Tyrol
Ötzi Hiking Tour Val Senales South Tyrol
There are 17 archaelogical paths where you will find instructions on how to make the most of the prehistoric places in the high mountains. You will get to know the route taken by Ötzi from the Val di Tisa to the Tisa pass and you will have the possibility to get to know the other paths which the man from the copper age could have used to get to Val Senales.

Nature Walk "Life on the Mountain Farms of the Val di Fosse"

A delightful, well-marked, informative walk starting at the Maso Vorderkaser and leading from one mountain farmstead to the next - a chance to learn a little more about the typical flora, fauna and geological aspects of the surrounding countryside and high Alpine pastures with special attention given to local bee-keepers and their work.

Meditation Path

A lovely gentle meditation or pilgrimage path which takes you through the fragrant larch woods of Madonna di Senales to a sanctuary dedicated to the Virgin Mary. There are a number of quiet, shady resting places with carvings and statues by local artists and craftsmen.

The Via Alpina - South Tyrol

Welcome to the Via Alpina! Along 5 international trails, through 8 countries there are 342 stages and over 5000km between 0 to 3000m above sea level that open before you to invite you to discover the natural and cultural heritage of the Alps on foot.

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